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Yakaficars car rental Agadir and Al Massira Airport

Yakaficars is a low cost car rental agency and one of the acknowledged car rental agencies in the cith of Agadir. The agency provides its customers a wide range of choices to make them enjoy their setting in one of seaside city of Agadir. Yakaficars for car rental is well known for the high quality service and the huge number of vehicles that are available at any time.

You can now rent a car in Agadir in Yakaficars rental agency online from the website or in the office. We will be very glad to offer you what you need.
Nowadays, with the big development of tourism in Morocco and the demand for promoting the quality of services in this domain, Car rental has become a key sector; in this respect, Yakaficars car rental in Agadir is aware of satisfying its customers and facilitating the act of renting car. The agency provides a wide range of cars of different shapes, options and makes. What is more, our prices are the best in Agadir! You will like Agadir, but you will be amazed with Yakaficars car rental deals!

Agadir is a beautiful seaside city and the gate to the Big South of Morocco. It’s known for its wonderful weather, beautiful landscape, splendid beaches and nice welcoming people. When you a rent a car in Agadir, it will make your stay an unforgettable experience. Yakaficars car rental in Agadir will help you explore the PearlofSoussand the whole region of Souss Massa region. We do care about your time and budget, and for this the agency is at your service.

With Yakaficars rental agency, it’s possible to get your rented car at your arriving, either in Agadir Al Massira Airport, in the agency office or at any place. You can now book your car on the website and choose the rental period and pay. The agency car fleet provides different types of vehicles that meet the clients’ needs.

Yakaficarsrent a car agency in Agadir has many advantages. Mileage is unlimited. The agency doesn’t restrict the tripping distance so the clients can enjoy their stay and move freely and comfortably without caring a lot about the mileage. All they need is to make up their mind and drive carefully. There are a lot of things to discover in Agadir and its region, and the car rental in Agadir Yakaficars will help you enjoy your holidays.

Choosing a car is no more a difficult task with Yakaficars car rental Agadir

Rent a car in Yakaficars rental and benefit from many other advantages. Our vehicles are well equipped and you can find the one that suits you during your stay. Our cars are of high quality and possess advanced and modern options. Choose Yakaficars Agadir car rental and get a suitable car: with all the options you are looking for; for example, urban, sedan, medium or even 4x4. Other options like GPS, air conditioning and baby seats are also affordable to all clients.

Yakaficars car rental agency in Agadir offers a lot of interesting deals and suits all budgets. The aim is to meet the clients’ exigencies and satisfy them. That’s a good reason to make our prices suitable for all and on a very competitive level. Choose the car that suits you and don’t worry! You can get you car at your arrival at Agadir AlMassira Airport or at any place in the city.

  Rent a car in Agadir and feel comfortable

Baby seats Rent a car in Agadir now and get a variety of options. Clients can mention and ask for baby seats either at booking or delivery. All cars are equipped with this facility, as it is compulsory for children who are under 10. It is a safety matter and for this reason Yakaficars take into consideration making car users comfortable and safe.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

As travelling is exploring, GPS technology is facilitating discovering new places. In Yakaficars car rental in Agadir we care about this. Clients can now rent a car with a turn by turn GPS with a touch screen, multilingual tour commentary, Bluetooth, … Join us on the website or call and learn about many other options and facilities.  

Agadir, the Pearl of the Atlantic
Agadir is a Moroccan city on the Atlantic shore. It’s the capital city of the Souss Massa region and the biggest urban center in the south of Morocco.
The city of Agadir was effectively founded in the 16th century by the Portuguese invaders under the name of Santa Cruz de Aguer before it captured by The Saadiens. In 1913, the city was again occupied by the French until Morocco got independence in 1956.
In 1960, an earthquake destroyed the city and its ancient Kasbah of Agadir Oufella. It was rebuilt and now it is the biggest city in the city of the south with more the 500,000 inhabitants.
The weather in Agadir is so special. It is warm during the whole year. As it was once said, one can enjoy a 300 sunny days a year.
Now Agadir is a major tourist destination in Morocco

In Agadir, a tourist can do a lot of things; Sun bathing in the beautiful golden beaches, shopping in Souk Elhad, walking on the sea side promenade, discovering the Kasbah and the splendid panoramic view of the city, practicing water sports, trying Moroccan cuisine in many restaurants, night life, …

Agadir and the Souss Massa region are rich culturally and naturally. There are a lot of places to visit and a lot of things to discover, from Imouzzer waterfalls and The Paradise Valley in Ida Outanane to the Massa Valley and the National Park of Souss Massa, and from the historical town of Taroudant to the Oasis of Tata. You can practice surf in Imssouane and a visit have a piece of mind in Tafraout mountainous area.
It is melting spot. Agadir is the gate of the south and it offers tourist a very rich product of entertainment, natural and cultural diversity.


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We offer car hire service to meet all your needs. Several car rental deals are available.


The long term car rental in Yakafi offers you the opportunity to enjoy the vehicles comfortably, freeing you from administrative management ...


  With YAKAFI CARS GPS, you move easily and avoid detours. Result, you are relaxed and you save time.

  Our rates include unlimited mileage, lubricants and vehicle maintenance ...
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